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So I’ve taken some time off for my most important role of my life.  We welcomed our new baby girl into our family January 5, 2017.  Charlie is loved like crazy by her big brother Ben.  He takes his big brother role very seriously.  Watches her like a hawk, and wants to cuddle her nonstop.  As we speak they are taking a nap together in my bed.  Whew, thats a beautiful thing!  My husband and I are very blessed!  I am very blessed.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life, and we make a great team.  Couldn’t do it without him.

It’s been nice having time off to be mom, but I’m ready to tip my toes back into the work world.  The beauty of my job is that it doesn’t feel like work, and I can make it work with my life.  It feels really great to do this for myself, and for them really too.  Mommy needs to feel good and feel important.  It’s so nice to be creative, and come up with ideas not just the normal hustle of mom life.  Right?

So with that said, warm weather is upon us!  I’m so excited!  Let’s book a session for your family.  Time slips by so fast, don’t miss a moment.  Get in the picture with your kiddos.  They will thank you some day!



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