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If you didn’t already know this about me…NEWBORN photography is my passion.  There are so many reasons why.  Yes I get to snuggle fresh little babies!  Yes I get to dress them in the sweetest little outfits!  Yes I get to smell that new baby smell!  I get my baby fix, and it’s amazing.  Those are all great, but by far the best part is getting to interact with all the new moms.

Mom snuggles baby in gray

Some moms are first timers and I love seeing how natural some swing into it.  Other moms are on to their 5th baby, and make it look so easy.  There are moms who hated being pregnant, and moms who love it.  Some moms are nursing or trying and struggling.  Then there are moms that exclusively bottle feed whether it’s formula or they are up pumping all night.  Have you met a preemie mom?  The NICU experience is one you’ll never forget.  The worry is all over her face.  The moms of special needs infants are amazing with their strength.  There are so many more types, the cloth diapering moms, easy breezy moms, nervous moms…  I could go on and on, but of all these types of moms the best type of mom is a loving mom!

My clients are loving moms with huge hearts, that feel like their heart is now on the outside in the big world.  All have the same worries.  Am I doing this right?  How can I keep them safe?  What kind of person am I raising?  Did I feed them enough?  Are they growing?  Is the baby sleeping enough?  Is the baby sleeping too much?  Should I be crying over everything?  What is going on with me?  Can I do this?

Spina Bifida Warrior baby with scar

Let me tell you this!  You ALL are wonderful, anjust what your baby needs!  You are strong and beautiful!  Give yourself a little grace!  It’s ok to ask for help and just be real.

It’s such a special time coming to have portraits done of your newborn.  It’s the first time you can sit back and take a breath while watching your baby be posed beautifully.  We swap birth stories and mom tips.  The motherhood bond is strong!  We laugh and cry together!  You are all welcome in my studio!  Come as you are, put your feet up, and relax!  I’ll take care of the rest!

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